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CrowdStrike Government Summit

Apr 13, 2023

Resilience, Intelligence, Zero Trust are the themes

I attended the CrowdStrike Government Summit yesterday where leaders from CISA, DOD, FBI, and NSA gathered to discuss the latest cybersecurity trends, threats, and solutions. These are the highlights. (Whew! That was alphabet soup.)

This is Katy Craig in San Diego, California.

Keynotes focused on the importance of resilience, speed, and identities in the fight against cyber attacks.

One important theme that emerged from the summit was the need for a zero trust approach to cybersecurity. With the rise of remote work and cloud-based systems, traditional perimeter-based security measures are no longer enough. Instead, organizations need to adopt a zero trust mindset, which assumes that no user or device can be implicitly trusted and requires continuous authentication and authorization.

Another key theme at the summit was threat hunting and intelligence. As cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect, organizations need to be proactive in searching for, and identifying, potential threats. This requires a combination of human expertise and advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Overall, the CrowdStrike Government Summit provided valuable insights into the state of cybersecurity. By focusing on resilience, zero trust, and threat hunting, organizations can stay ahead of the bad guys and keep their systems and data secure.

This is Katy Craig. Stay safe out there.

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