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DOD Cyber Strategy

Jun 1, 2023

Stay the course

I’ve got some Defense Department news for you today. Last week, they unleashed their 2023 Cyber Strategy on Congress. Now, I don’t have all the classified details, but I've got the rundown on the unclassified elements.

The new strategy builds on what they planned back in 2018. They've been out there in cyberspace, defending forward, and busting up those malicious cyber activities before they wreak havoc on our homeland. They've learned a thing or two from Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022. And that wake-up call showed them how cyber capabilities can play a big role in major conflicts.

Who's on their cyber hit list? North Korea, Iran, and Russia are prime suspects. But let me tell you, China is giving them a run for their money. China is the pacing challenge in the cyber domain and they're playing the cyber game on expert mode.

So, what are DOD’s goals in this cyber strategy? First, defend the nation against those cyber miscreants. Second, amp up our preparedness for cyber warfare. Third, build stronger cyber alliances with our buddies around the world. And finally, gain the upper hand in the vast cyber universe.

DOD says, “With a robust and integrated cyber capability, the Department will work to deter conflict where it can and prevail where it must.”  

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