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GPTs' Impacts on Jobs

Mar 28, 2023

Majority of workers will be impacted

Up to 80 percent of workers could see jobs impacted by AI

If you’ve been listening to It’s 5:05 regularly, you should all be ready to take the plunge into the world of large language models and Generative Pretrained Transformers or GPTs. These models are poised to revolutionize how we work and live - but what will it mean for our jobs? 

This is Katy Craig in San Diego, California.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania developed a rubric that assesses occupations based on their alignment with large language model capabilities, integrating both human expertise and GPT-4 classifications. The results were eye-popping: around 80% of all U.S workers could see at least 10% of their daily work impacted by these powerful tools, while nearly 20% may find 50% or more of their duties changed! 


The effects span all wage levels too – higher income jobs may be more exposed to large language models capabilities than lower paid ones – so no one is safe from this technology tsunami! What’s even more surprising is that these impacts aren't restricted to just industries with high recent productivity growth either; they affect nearly everyone equally regardless of sector or job type!  

So if you want your career prospects in an ever changing technological landscape secure then now's definitely the time to brush up on your knowledge about large language models and GPTs - before they become commonplace in work spaces everywhere!

This is Katy Craig. Stay safe out there.

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