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Spotting Deepfakes

Jun 9, 2023

Most believe they can spot deepfakes

Today, we're diving into the world of deepfakes and generative AI, and let me tell you, things are getting real tricky.

According to a survey by Jumio, over half of people, aware of generative AI and deepfakes,  thought they could spot them in videos. Wait one says, Jumio, we're way off. These deepfakes have become so sophisticated that even Sherlock Holmes would have a hard time detecting them. 

When Jumio asked folks about the dangers of AI-enabled identity theft, more than half of them believed it would make identity theft easier. And they're not wrong! Jumio recommends businesses step up their game and educate customers about the reality of deepfakes. It's time to invest in biometric-based verification systems, to validate we are who we say we are.

The good news? People are actually willing to spend extra time on identity verification if it means better security. Financial services, healthcare, government services, travel/hospitality, and social media all got the green light for some extra verification.

As far as unmasking those pesky deepfake images, Twitter launched its Birdwatch program, a crowdsource fact-checking initiative to keep those fakes in check. Twitter knows it's a work in progress, but they're ready to tackle the challenge. They'll be listening to feedback and fine-tuning the system to make sure we're all getting the facts straight.

The world of deepfakes is like a never-ending rollercoaster ride, but with the right security measures and some fact-checking superheroes, we can keep them under control.

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